Pastor Stedham was born August 28, 1954 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After military service, he moved to Los Angeles. He attended California State University Los Angeles, to obtain his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. In 1981, he was a victim of an armed robbery. He was shot and hospitalized as a result. While in the hospital, a nurse shared Jesus with him and invited him to church. Upon his release from the hospital, he attended the church and was introduced to the Apostles’ Doctrine. In December 1981 he attended the Greater Bethlehem Temple Church of Inglewood, under the powerful leadership of Bishop W. L. Singleton.He was baptized in Jesus Name. In 1998, after being ordained as a minister, he began teaching bible classes at the Long Beach City Jail. A companion of one inmate opened the doors of her home for bible classes. Shortly afterwards, a storefront was rented for the bible classes. Minister Stedham called the ministry, The Second Chance Christian Outreach. On Sundays, Minister Stedham would bring the bible class members to church services at the Greater Bethlehem Temple Church, in Inglewood.

However, when he was unable to attend services on Sundays, a number of the bible class attendees wouldn’t come. Bishop Singleton saw the obvious, and approved the work Elder Stedham was doing in Long Beach, which enabled him to start a church. Over the next few years the small church emerged, and in 2004 it was accepted into the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. as a legitimate entity, recognized by local, state, and federal governments. This was done under the diocesan leadership of the late honorable Bishop Lewis D. Stallworth.

In 2004, God blessed and Pastor Daryl retired as a Sergeant from the Long Beach Police Department after 18 years of service. This retirement has allowed him to pursue his passion of devoting himself to the ministry full-time. Today the work has resulted in what you are now witnessing. Greater Bethlehem Temple Church #2 “THE SAVING STATION” Pastor Stedham has a favorite saying, “T.I.A.” which means Through It All… “Having therefore obtained help from God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both to small and great…Ha Sha!!!” – Pastor Daryl Stedham